Dive Sites around Siargao Island Philippines

The dive sites around Siargao Island are supposed to be some of the most beautiful of the Eastern Philippines, that meet the demands of both beginners to experienced divers' needs.

Numerous flat rocks and coral slopes and deeper spots like cathedrals, overhangs and caves on the outer reef offer some huge visibility, fun and excitement for everyone.

The diving is an ideal combination of island hopping, BBQ on the beach in the surface interval, as excursions to the falls and the Sohoton National Park.


Our offer price is 2,000 php for a dive (including equipment rental and boat).



NR. Dive site Remarks max. Depth


  1. Seeco Reef Coral formation in the south of naked is. 11 m
  2. Jorchs Coral Rocks Coral Rocks in the south of casulian is 21 m
  3. Cathedral 270° on the wall of cloud 9 rock entry 20 m 33 m
  4. Door in the Wall Rock formation 270° close to eastcorner of casulian 19 m
  5. Pangitlogan North/South Wall 270° outer reef 31 m
  6. Shark Point Coral Rock’s in the south of Anahawan 22 m
  7. Eddies Tunnel South corner of Antokon Is. 22 m
  8. Antokon Tower’s 4 Rocktower’s east of Atokon 25 m
  9. Coral Rocky Bridge Coral Rock’s southwest of Casulian 18 m
  10. Coral Sloop Sunken Rock 24 m
  11. Dako Coral Beach Staghorn Reef 9 m
  12. Dako South West Rock formation with Tunnel 17 m
  13. Dapa Channel Sloop, Gorgonien 22 m
  14. West La Janosa Coral Hill Westside of La Janosa 18 m
  15. Whip Coral Plateau Coral Hill east of Siargao 22 m
  16. Nakiauit Coral Sloop Nakiauit Point 19 m

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