Sohoton National Park Siargao Island Philippines

A trip to the SNP is an adventure experience in a unique fjord landscape in the south of Bucas Grande Island.


The Sohoton cove, a labyrinth-like place, consisting of limestone rocks and a Inlet, as a mountain lake, reachable only at low tide through a tunnel. Right in the middle is a series of rocks that are blessed with numerous caves. Crystal clear water, stalactites, bats, wild orchids and a climbing adventure await the adventurous visitor.


A highlight is a trip of another kind in the lagoon jellyfish (Jelly Fish Lake), home to thousands of non-hazardous and friendly jellyfish, comparable to Palau.


Outside the Sohoton Cove awaits one of the most beautiful diving areas of Surigao del Norte. A gorgeous coral sloping hillside stands a U-shape in the water and ended at 35 m where there are giant sea fans. Also recommended for snorkeling.

Sohoton Cave

Sohoton Cave Siargao Island Philippines

Sohoton cave entrance

Sohoton Cave Entrance
Sohoton Cave Siargao Island Philippines